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Advanced Facials

Introducing micro needles for a next level skin rejuvenation. Working in the deeper layers of the skin, these options enable us to begin treating your skin concerns from within, taking your skin to the next level. If you have more specific skin concerns such as acne scarring or simply want to transform your skin then these options are for you. Recovery time is expected with these treatments and will be advised by your practitioner. 


Derma pen | 45 mins | £99


Meso therapy | 45 mins | £149 

Prices include personalised cocktail of skin serums. 

Add tox to your cocktail to firm and tighten +£90 

Add sunekos skin booster for the ultimate skin rejuvenation +£150 

Derma stamp | 20 mins | £45 add on to any existing facial package 

Derma roller | 20 mins | £45 add on to any existing facial package 

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